Shoujo City 3D (alpha 0.1)

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The release day! ^^ Download links for PC and Mac versions are in the sidebar menu on the right.

This is the very first alpha version for showing basic game concepts. Most of planned features, locations, characters, are still missing, and will be added in future updates. For any comments, suggesstions, bug reports, please use the comments section of this post, or you can contact me by email at <laika16 [at]>

58 thoughts on “Shoujo City 3D (alpha 0.1)

      1. Laika Post author

        Download links for PC & Mac are in the sidebar menu. Just click on them and you’ll download the game – it’s free.

  1. Berg

    In the future will it have a recipe book or something like that? Or cooking will be trial and error?
    I couldn’t cook the food my girl asked, the instructions on the wall were for another food

    1. Laika Post author

      I’m still thinking about how to implement that. Maybe there will be a blank recipe book with new recipes added to it as soon as you unlock them for the first time by trial and error. I think there should be some challenge involved in cooking, instead of just following instructions on screen without any chance of failing.

  2. Rei

    I tried it out and it’s quite fun! 😀 I wasn’t used to how you walk around, but I guess it could be just me, as I don’t really have experience with playing these kinds of games.

    Please add names for the items for sale so we know what they are (I can’t tell what is what in the condiments section, and nor will I know how to get my girlfriend ‘summer splash’ when she asks for it). I ran out of money in day 4 and I didn’t see a single squirrel around (I doubt I would be able to catch one even if I saw one). I think you’ve already got this planned, but more ways to earn money should be implemented (earn x amount of yen each day when waking up?) or simple tasks that can be done to get money.

    I also think there should a map in the phone to make travelling between the home and school easier.

    The only glitch I saw was when my girlfriend and I were walking to the door to leave the home, she started shaking in a spot right next to the door, probably because we hit each other? It was a minor glitch and did not affect me, so it’s fine.

    I’m also unsure as to how to initiate the pocky game.

    Looking forward to the update with more things to do!

    1. Laika Post author

      Thanks for your comments. Squirrels walk around the school and they respawn every day. In the future it will be possible to work in the Neko Cafe and earn more money.

      Summer Splash is sold in the red vending machines alongside other drinks.

      To start the pocky game you should first increase your score by dating/giving food. When your girlfriend closes her eyes and there are hearts floating above her head, it means she is waiting for a kiss. Put a pack of pocky into your hands and begin the game. When your total score is above 50, the kissing game can be started without using pocky.

      1. Daniel Cutright

        it still doesn’t work… I keep getting “I can’t do that here” no matter where I stand and my score is well above 50. Even with Pocky in my hands. So what gives? This is maddeningly frustrating.

        1. Laika Post author

          No need to get mad. This is not a finished product – just a small playable demo for showing basic game concepts. A lot of bugs everywhere, probably.

          “I can’t do that here” means you stand too close to some obstacle. Walk right in the middle of the road and try there. If you get the same message even there, it’s definitely a bug.

          1. Daniel Cutright

            thanks! 😀

            I’m not mad LOL 😉 Just frustrating when you’re in a hurry to beat the timer.
            I’m enjoying this game, and I hope you keep going in it. Wish there was nudity tho … I appreciate some good lookin anime just as much as the next person 😉

      2. Злата Новожилова

        А когда выйдет Shoujo simulator version 0.5 пожалуйста сделаете побыстрее игра очень классная мне понравилась но пожалуйста сделайте версию 0.5 побыстрее мне хочется в неё поиграть

          1. Laika Post author

            Почти все другие разработчики инди-игр берут готовые модели зданий, персонажей, и т.д. из Интернета. В Shoujo City все без исключения модели сделаны вручную специально для этой игры одним-единственным человеком. Это одна из причин почему на каждое обновление уходит очень много времени.

  3. Sloop Liztmin

    – The camera is very awkward to use, I would recommend either doing a fixed 1st person view, over the shoulder view, or some kind of more commonly used method.
    *After playing for around 30 minutes, I think that the best idea would be to lock the mouse like in a third person fps.

    -Cramped areas prevent the camera from turning due to wall clipping, perhaps find a way to make the walls “fade” so you can see through them
    – You should be able to jump off balconies and stuff, what if your waifu is a seckrit ajent

    – Add a keybinding to interact, such as talking, opening doors, etc. Maybe “E”? It gets quite annoying to have to click on the little hand in the side every time you want to interact with things.
    -Add icons to differentiate between ‘using’ an item and ‘talking’ to a person, eg a mouth when you would talk to someone, and a hand when you would open a door.
    – When moving through doors into the school classroom, the camera “snaps” to the player, in a way that I don’t think that it is intended to. This only happens when going into the classroom, not when exiting. Is the room a separate level that is rapidly loaded or something?

    Minor Things:
    – The ‘yellow’ hair is quite orange, perhaps you would want to add a hex based color picker instead of a preset?
    – You should be able to open windows.
    – Add something to differentiate between areas that are simply “Off-limits” and areas that will be expanded upon later in the game.

    1. Sloop Liztmin

      There are not a ton of ‘bugs’ but that is also because the game is so barebones currently, meaning that there isn’t really a lot that can go wrong.

    2. Laika Post author

      Thanks. I know about problems with the camera, and will work on it. Making it first-person is not an option, since one of main features of the game is visual appeal of characters and all the customization/cosplay items to come in the future, which would be completely wasted if your character wasn’t visible. I think I’ll have to write more elaborate camera behavior for avoiding collisions.

      By locking the camera, do you mean making it always stay behind your back instead of rotating manually? This mode is implemented already and can be enabled in phone (controls > rotate).

      All other suggestions sound good to me. Hair color in the character creation menu doesn’t matter much, since later there will be a whole hair saloon allowing to set any hair style and color you want.

      As to the classroom comment, I checked all the four classrooms right now and didn’t notice any camera snapping when walking in. Not sure as yet what could have caused that issue for you.

  4. Small Potato 1504

    Hey! I just started playing Shoujo City 3D and I have to say it is really well done. But, I keep running out of money and I can barely find squirrels. Is there any way I could get money without squirrels?

    1. Laika Post author

      No, you can only earn money through squirrels. When more locations are added, it will be way easier to find squirrels. Also, it will be possible to work in the cafe in the future.

  5. Nokako

    Hi Laika, I want to ask you something … Why is there no 3d version for android? My computer died and I want to know why there is no shoujo city 3d on android. Thank you very much.

  6. Hizkia Efraim

    Please,relaesed the Game for Free.I will waiting for to long this game in android,i wish you can relaesed it faster

    1. Laika Post author

      If there are any errors, they should be recorded in log files. On Windows it will be /ShoujoCity_Data/output_log.txt, and on Mac /Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

      If you can find that file, please send it to my email, and I’ll try to understand if I can fix something.

  7. Kai_san

    Hello,Laika. I’ve read your previous comment that says that you will release this game on android? Is it true? Cause i’ve been waiting for it to be released whole this time. I love your vids and games btw. I’ve played shoujo city which is 2d version. I love it. I hope you can add shoujo city 3D in android. Once again, i love your games. Thank you♡


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