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A new video showing my current progress on the cooking feature. This feature will be one of key gameplay elements – every day you’ll have to cook something for your girlfriend, or take her to a cafe/restaurant (not implemented as yet), or buy her some snacks, depending on her wishes, your time and budget.

Cooking is done by combining several food ingredients, using correct kitchen utensils, and setting timers. Some ingredients are required, and some will be optional, improving the overall quality of the final product. For instance, forgetting to add rice vinegar while cooking sushi will decrease the quality by 30%. Burning food by cooking it for too long, or undercooking it, will also decrease the final quality. The food with quality below 100% still will be edible, but your girlfriend might not like it that much.

Correct recipes will be obtained by cooking something with 100% quality for the first time, and by completing various game quests. Once you learn a new recipe, it will be stored in your recipes book.

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