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Once you catch a squirrel and put it on your head (or head of your girlfriend) you can touch it (with mouse pointer on PC, or with a finger on devices with touchscreen). This feature works both during dates/conversations, and while walking around. Petting squirrels can be used, apart from a cute visual effect (squirrels will react to interactions), during a date to distract your girl and avoid questions you don’t want to answer. This trick can be used once per date, and its effect will depend on current mood of the girl. Bad timing can make her angry and your date will go wrong.

18 thoughts on “Squirrels

  1. DarkdaemonPK2

    The squirrels were a pain to catch in the original. I hope they are not that painful to catch this time.

    1. Laika Post author

      Tennis court, sports field, under trees on the right from the school. They spawn randomly so sometimes they won’t be there.


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