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Just finished main game logic for dating scenes. The entire dialogue system is rebuilt from a scratch (compared to Shoujo City 2D) and now is more elaborate and consistent. Every dateable girl in the game will be able to talk on a wide variety of topics, and will have an opinion (like/dislike) on all of them. Dating in specific places will now trigger talking about related topics (e.g., if you date near a Shinto shrine, your girl may talk about Shinto – and while some girls will like it, some others will not). That means now you’ll have to gradually learn about likes and dislikes of your girlfriend during the game.

The new dialogue system is now fully connected to eating/cooking feature, and gift feature. Every item/gift in the game now comes with topic tags, and while choosing, for instance, a volume of poetry or a new manga issue as a gift, you’ll have to remember what your girl said about books. And to make her talk about books, it may be a good idea to first have a date in a local library. While making an order in the cafe, you’ll have to remember if your girl likes tea or coffee, or if she prefers sea food or meat. All of this will add a lot more depth to dating gameplay compared to the original 2D version, and will make every girl in the game unique.

Everybody willing to contribute is welcome to participate in writing text dialogues for the game, or translating them. No special skills are required apart from being able to write with proper grammar and spelling. All information for contributors and dialogue examples can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Dating!

  1. DarkdaemonPK2

    Your game is progressing very smoothly! Good work there! I think it’s really awesome that you are giving the fans the opportunity to contribute to the game’s development. I also want to contribute but I’m not sure how it will work out but I’ll give it a shot one of these days. Until when can we send our contributions?

    Just a minor suggestion; I hope if it’s okay writing it here but can you also include the option to do:
    * head pats

    Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

  2. Laika Post author

    There is no end date for any contributions. If the game becomes popular enough in the future and there will be an active community willing to write/translate new dialogues, I hope it will be a constant work in progress. The more dialogues on various topics there are, the more unique and distinct personalities of girls can be built with those. One of options I considered is letting the game to pull all xml files with dialogues directly from the wiki, so that everybody can always have the newest dialogues/translations without waiting for a new build release.

    I am planning to include head pats, holding hands, kissing, and a few other interactions, but each of those will take time.


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