Monthly Archives: May 2017

Taking Photos

A new video showing one of features of the in-game smartphone in Shoujo City 3D – taking photos. The photos you take can be viewed in smartphone, or printed in… Read more »

Roadworks part 2

Roadworks are ongoing in Shoujo City. One of distinct street details commonly seen in Japan is abundance of utility poles and overhead power cables. The screenshot above is the first preview… Read more »


A list of currently implemented emotions for dating scenes in the game. This reference chart is used for writing dating dialogues in the game wiki. Everybody willing can contribute by writing… Read more »


Once you catch a squirrel and put it on your head (or head of your girlfriend) you can touch it (with mouse pointer on PC, or with a finger on devices… Read more »


A small preview of the apartment room I’m currently working on. This is where the game’s playable character will live. Inside the room there will be a kitchen (where you… Read more »


Just finished main game logic for dating scenes. The entire dialogue system is rebuilt from a scratch (compared to Shoujo City 2D) and now is more elaborate and consistent. Every dateable… Read more »


A new feature is added to the in-game smartphone – camera. It can be used for taking pictures of your girlfriend (and any other characters or things you want), and will be… Read more »