Alpha 0.3a fix and translations

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There was a significant bug in the previous release, reported by Hatsune Elissu – if you were arrested while using smartphone camera, your character would become invisible. This issue is fixed now in alpha 0.3a (download links are in the sidebar menu).

Also, all translations in alpha 0.3a are updated according to their current status in the wiki. If you want to help translating the game into one of languages listed above, or into a new language you know but which isn’t available in the game as yet, please send me an email (check about/contact page for email address). All translations are done by volunteers, so availability and completion status for all languages (apart from English and Russian, which are handled by me) depend solely on whether there are people willing to translate game texts.

Alpha 0.3 Release!

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Note: due to implementation of various new features, all save files from alpha 0.1 and 0.2 are incompatible with this update, you’ll have to start a new game.

Updages Log:

$ New NPCs

NPC characters now have new behavior scripts. Thus far there are two types of NPC behaviors implemented: shop seller and student council.

Shop sellers will look at you when you are close, and can say a few lines.

Student council patrols an area around the school and will arrest you for walking around without skirt or dress, and for attempting to kiss your girlfriend within her patrol range. Once the chasing sequence starts you can attempt to run outside school gates and thus escape. If you are caught by student council you will be fined for 1,000 Yen.

$ Hide and Seek (new dating activity)

Instead of completing one date to proceed to next day, now you can choose a dating activity to do, which can be dating, or playing hide & seek. In the future there will be other activities added, so you can do different things on different days instead of repeating the same date every day.

To start playing hide and seek, walk towards “H&S” icon and click on it. Your girlfriend will hide somewhere in the school area, and you’ll have to find her within a limited amount of time.

$ A recipe book

Now you’ll have a recipe book in your inventory, containing all recipes for cooking. Drop it on your hand slot to open and read. Optional ingredients are hidden, so you’ll have a choice to cook the basic recipe with lower quality, or attempt to add more ingredients to unlock full recipe. Once you manage to cook something with 100% quality for the first time, the full recipe will be added to your book.

$ New clothes & accessories

  • a slot for hand accessories is implemented. Right now you can use it to wear wristbands, which can be bought in the clothes store: pink wristband and panda wristband
  • new hats: pink casquette, blue casquette, blue baseball cap (all meshes for baseball caps are redone with better quality)

$ Ice cream vending machine

Ice-creams you can buy: strawberry, chocolate, matcha, mango, coffee, and watermelon flavors.

$ UFO catchers improvements – while operating UFO catchers now you can rotate camera to sides for more precise positioning of the crane.

$ Additional objects in the school area

  • more interior details in the fashion store
  • teacher desks in all classrooms first floor; all student desks are remade with better quality
  • swim boards storage spot, racks and lockers in the pool building
  • a few additional background buildings

$ New food & recipes

  • pancakes
  • leek can now be used as a cosplay item

$ Miscellaneous

  • stationary camera view controllers inside the pool building and gardening storage, near the entrance door in the apartment room
  • a new poster in the apartment room explaining item zoom mechanics (since many people didn’t know how to place figurines on racks and how to examine them with item zoom feature)
  • when using right-click in inventory, camera now zooms by default on head instead of hips
  • increased girlfriend’s running speed to prevent her being left too far behind on fast running

$ Fixed bugs

  • disappearing hats and held items when swapped with stacked squirrels
  • wardrobe door animation error – when opened and closed fast, sometimes the door remained open after closing wardrobe menu
  • sky shader issues – when tree foliage was overlaying sky while viewed through in-game smartphone, occasionally it was producing small graphics artefacts
  • wrong animation for cosplay tails during walking and running
  • several camera clipping issues on transition between different modes
  • errors in ramen recipes
  • numerous small issues with textures for various objects
  • missing previews for crab and squid sishi

$ Translations

  • thanks to contributors, Thai, German, Chinese, and Czech were added to game languages
  • all translations and texts are updated according to their current status in the game wiki
  • the language selection menu is redesigned to fit more entries (language now can be set only from the main menu, the smartphone language menu was removed as unnecessary)

Next Release

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Shoujo City alpha 0.3 with new features and content is coming on October 12!

Also, Czech and German were added to the list of supported game languages. If you know these and want to help translating the game, please send me an email.

A Recipe Book

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A recipe book is coming in alpha 0.3 update! Now you won’t have to feed your girlfriend by burned food any longer. I still wanted to leave some room for exploration and experimenting, so the recipe book will work as follows: in the beginning you’ll know all basic recipes, but with optional ingredients hidden. You’ll have to choose to cook either the basic recipe with lower quality, or attempt to add optional ingredients. Once you manage to cook something with 100% quality for the first time, the full recipe with all optional ingredients will be added to your book.

If you have other ideas about improving cooking and recipe gameplay, please post them in the comments sections of this article!

Looking for translators

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A video by Newzkung Raccoonza (Thai language).

I know there are a lot of fans of Shoujo City in Thailand, but there is no Thai language in the game as yet – because we don’t have any translators for that language. If somebody wants to begin translating Shoujo City into Thai language, please send me an email to get an account at the game wiki, where all texts are stored and managed. If we find people willing to help, this language will be added in next update!

We are also looking for active translators willing to help with other already added languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. The game grows every day and new texts are added all the time. Maintaining and updating all texts in different languages requires an active community of contributors willing to help with translations. My email address and more information for translators can be found at

UPDATE (Sep 27): several contributors have contacted me and started translating the game into Thai language already, so this language will be included in alpha 0.3 release. Thank you everyone!

UPDATE (Sep 29): one person have contacted me offering to contribute Polish language translations. If anybody else reading this wants to help translating game texts into Polish language, please send me an email. If we find a few people willing to contribute, this language will be included in alpha 0.3.

Alpha 0.2 Release

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Updates Log:

1. Yandere Simulator collectible items

  • Mini-figurines of Ayano Aishi, Kokona Haruka, Oka Ruto, Osana Najimi, Midori Gurin;
  • Yandere Simulator t-shirts (4 designs).

All these items can be obtained from two new Yandere Simulator UFO catchers. After obtaining a mini-figurine, you can place it on a rack in your apartment. By clicking on an item on a rack, you can examine it in detail.

Note: “Yandere Simulator” is copyrighted by Yandere Dev ( ). All “Yandere Simulator” characters and images are used with official permission by Yandere Dev.

2. New UFO Catchers physics and designs

All mechanics for UFO Catchers were redone. Now they have more accurate physics and collisions, a new system for detecting won prizes. In addition to “catching balls” type, now there is also another UFO catcher type, where you’ll have to push boxes from racks.

3. Item zoom feature

After placing an item on a rack in your apartment, you can click on it (in 3D space, not in your inventory) and go to a new mode where you can rotate item to see all details.

4. A new clothes store (WIP) where you can buy clothes for you and your girlfriend. New clothes:

  • School sailor fuku (long and short sleeves)
  • School bloomers for PE (red and blue)
  • 6 new sandals
  • Cotton tights (18 colors)
  • School dress (4 designs, with black and white aprons)
  • School bows (4 designs, white and brown)
  • Tops (8 designs) – in a new gachapon machine
  • Android Girl ears (cosplay accessory)

5. New items in the convenience store

  • Food: Octopus, Squid, Crab, Leek, Scallions, Ramen Noodles, Udon Noodles, Soba Noodles, Flour, Pork, Chicken
  • Umbrellas (5 designs)

6. New recipes for cooking

  • Octopus Sushi, Squid Sushi, Crab Sushi;
  • Pepper Tempura, Onion Tempura, Shiitake Tempura, Salmon Tempura, Tuna Tempura, Yellowtail Tempura, Shrimp Tempura, Takoyaki, Squid Tempura, Crab Tempura;
  • Chicken Ramen, Pork Ramen

Note: to cook tempura, use a frying pan, add a basic ingredient (e.g., shrimps for shrimp tempura), flour, eggs, and oil. Cook for 5 minutes.

7. Additional objects in the school area: desks in all classrooms on the first floor, air conditioners in shops, a new shop entrance (WIP) next to “taiyaki shop”, redesign of the area behind the school (across the street).

8. Item description in shops on click.

9. Keyboard shortcuts: “E” key can be used instead of clicking on “action” icon on screen, “Q” can be used for quick access of camera in your in-game smartphone.

10. New custom shaders for all trees and plants. This (hopefully) solves issues with overlaying semi-transaparent objects (windows, umbrellas, etc.), atmosphere effects, smartphone camera issues.

11. Fixed bugs:

  • the pocky game now can be started if you OR your girlfriend have pocky in hands (in alpha 0.1 it worked only if you had it in your hands). This isn’t really a fixed bug, just an improvement to game mechanics
  • black screen when using smartphone camera (please report if you still encounter this)
  • a few minor errors in title menu/inventory navigation
  • collision issue when you approached a railing corner in the gym second floor
  • a few camera transition issues when it was switching between different modes
  • numerous minor issues with various textures and sprites
  • a typo on the plates near the school gates
  • error with price calculation in the squirrel exchange service
  • several issues with body blendshapes and clipping clothes
  • navigation map errors that occasionally would cause gf to get stuck near the entrance door in the apratment

12. Updated translations

All translations are updated according to their current status in the game wiki as of Sep 22. If you want to help translating the game into one of supported languages, please visit


Video by GodOfCoffee (Spanish language)

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A new video by GodOfCoffee (Spanish language).

Availability of Shoujo City 3D in different languages depends on contributors.  Everybody willing to help with translations is welcome to participate, all game texts are stored for editing online in a wiki. Apart from Spanish, you can also translate into other languages, or contribute new dialogues for dating scenes. For more details, please visit

Next Update

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Shoujo City 3D alpha 0.2 will be released on September 22. Make sure to download the new version when it’s released, I will add a lot of great content in this update!