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The new kissing feature is almost finished. I hope everybody will like it, since I invested weeks of work and a lot of creativity into it. Kissing will be a major gameplay element (alongside with dating and cooking) in the game. There will be a new video about this feature on Shoujo City Youtube channel soon.

Release Date!

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The first DEMO of Shoujo City 3D for PC and Mac will be released on September 01, 2017.

I have added a countdown timer on the right where you can see the time remaining until release. On September 1 the timer will be replaced by a download link.

The first version of the game will be a small playable alpha/demo with the following features implemented:

  • locations – school and apartment;
  • key gameplay concepts – dating, cooking, kissing;
  • shopping system: taiyaki shop, convenience story (incomplete), squirrel exchange service, gachapon machines, soft drinks vending machine;
  • inventory system: player’s inventory, wardrobe, two apartment racks for item display;
  • clothing system: 9 slots for clothes and accessory items implemented (3 more to be added);
  • chara interactions: dating, eating, following, sitting, kissing;
  • player’s character creation (girl only, male character will be implemented in the future);
  • chara (girlfriend) random generation (personality test generation will be implemented in the future);
  • in-game smartphone for taking photos and changing game settings;
  • multi-language support for in-game dialogues, messages, item description.

All of the above are only a small percentage of planned features. After the first release the game will be updated on a regular basis with new locations and features.


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New gashapon vending machines, which will be used in the game (alongside regular shops and ufo catcher machines) to obtain various cosplay and collectible items.

Mood System

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New mood system. Now in addition to short-term emotions shown during dating scenes or triggered by specific actions, girls in the game can have long-term “mood” states determined by a combination of various stats. For instance, if you fail a date or ignore requests of your girlfriend, she may become angry, which will affect some subsequent interactions.

Cooking part 2

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Spent a week working solely on the cooking/eating feature. Now, after putting the cooked food on table (as seen in the video below), you (and your girlfriend) can actually start eating it.

The food will decrease hungry/thirsty stats of your girl, with each food item having its own effects, multiplied (or divided) by food quality. The girl also will have specific likes/dislikes for every food item in the game. Giving her food she dislikes will affect your relationships. Depending on her personality, your girl may be more picky towards food/quality, or more tolerant.

In sandbox mode (the first game mode to be implemented) personality of your girlfriend will be either 100% random, or chosen according to a personality test you’ll have to complete once in the beginning of the game.

Finally, she will remember a list of recent food you gave her, which will also affect in the long run your relationships. For instance, cooking the same food every day can cause your girl to start disliking that food, and decrease your current scores. This feature, again, will be affected by personality. A more picky girl may start complaining if you give her the same omelette two times in a row, while a more tolerant one won’t mind even if you’ll cook it for a whole week in a row. That more tolerant girl may have other personality traits requiring careful game tactics, of course, so she won’t necessarily will be “more easy”.


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A new video showing my current progress on the cooking feature. This feature will be one of key gameplay elements – every day you’ll have to cook something for your girlfriend, or take her to a cafe/restaurant (not implemented as yet), or buy her some snacks, depending on her wishes, your time and budget.

Cooking is done by combining several food ingredients, using correct kitchen utensils, and setting timers. Some ingredients are required, and some will be optional, improving the overall quality of the final product. For instance, forgetting to add rice vinegar while cooking sushi will decrease the quality by 30%. Burning food by cooking it for too long, or undercooking it, will also decrease the final quality. The food with quality below 100% still will be edible, but your girlfriend might not like it that much.

Correct recipes will be obtained by cooking something with 100% quality for the first time, and by completing various game quests. Once you learn a new recipe, it will be stored in your recipes book.

Taking Photos

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A new video showing one of features of the in-game smartphone in Shoujo City 3D – taking photos. The photos you take can be viewed in smartphone, or printed in a photo shop, and then used as wall posters in your apartment room. Taking photos will also be used for some game missions.

Roadworks part 2

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Roadworks are ongoing in Shoujo City. One of distinct street details commonly seen in Japan is abundance of utility poles and overhead power cables. The screenshot above is the first preview of how utility poles and cables will look in the game.

Reference photo for power cables, Japan.